You don't have time to waste and neither do we. That’s why we commit ourselves to making this process smooth and easy for you regardless of the ordered amount. It's all done in just three easy steps.
Choose your product and place the order
After browsing for your desired product, go to the order form at the bottom of the page and fill it out. Choose the desired product and, if needed add any description, special requirements and customization you might want.
receive the confirmation email
As soon as we get your order our sales stuff will email you the price and the payment details for it. Of course there are cases a delay may occur depending on your location and the time you placed the order.
make the payment and let us know about it
After you've made the payment you will receive an email with the time frame the download link will be ready, it usually takes 2 hours if no special configuration and customization is needed. In order to speed up the process please email us immediately after you've made the payment.
What's in the BOX? The (not so) long-awaited moment...
You'll receive a download link, this is the zip archive that includes all the product files, resources files, tutorials and font files along with the license file.
Also after you check and test the product please send us feedback, we'd like to know if you're happy about it and consider us next time.
do you give me layered and sliced psd files?
Yes, we give you the full layered and sliced files so you can change the template whenever you want it to fit your purposes.

i don't have photoshop what should i do?
Just send us an email with the change you need and we'll handle it for you.

I made the order and didn't get any confirmation yet
There is the occurrence a client may misspell the address in the order form and our confirmation does not reach them. Since this issue is out of our control if you don't get an confirmation please make the order again or just contact us.

I've chosen the wrong product can I change the order?
Yes, when we send you the confirmation email of the order you can tell us about your change.
But make sure to TELL US BEFORE WE SEND YOU THE PRODUCT, otherwise we can't change it.

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